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Last Modified 11.03.2024

Hi guys! My name is Irina Samonova. I’m a Magic Judge Level 2 (Judge Academy) from Moscow, Russia.

Irina Samonova, Magic Judge lvl2

I've been judging MTG tournaments for 19 years. I worked as a judge at Nationals in five countries, some Pro Tours and Wolds. I have been a Head judge at Belorussia and Ukrain Nationals. Took part at more than 20 Grand Prix, including 2HG ones AKA “the one that has never happened”.

I was called the “Judge of the Week” twice: in 2012 and in 2019.

Winter 2019 Exemplar Vanguard

Last year I had been chosen as the Vanguard For Exemplar wave #16 and become the prototype for Creature – Cat token.

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